Carl Faber | Lighting Designer

The Experiment

Boston Institute of Contemporary Art | 2012

“‘What if you are part of a play and you don’t know who else is starring with you?’ That was one of the teasers for “Experiment America” at the Institute of Contemporary Art on Friday, part of the weekend’s Emerging America theater festival. Instead of being asked to turn their cellphones off, participants were asked to turn them on, so they could receive text messages alerting them to performance opportunities all over the ICA’s four floors.”
– Jeffrey Gantz, The Boston Globe
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Photography | Karen Snyder

Conceived and Directed by Mikhael Tara Garver

Institute of Contemporary Art
Boston, MA, USA

Opening Night: June 22, 2012

Lighting Designer | Carl Faber
Production Designer | Gabriel Hainer Evansohn
Properties Designer | Katie Fleming
Sound Designer | Will Pickens