Carl Faber | Lighting Designer

The Tenant

Woodshed Collective, NYC | 2011

“Using for the most part a combination of practical units and existing lighting abetted by birdies and other tiny pieces of gear, Carl Faber‘s lighting creates just the right atmosphere for each space.”
– David Barbour, Lighting and Sound America
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Carl Faber‘s marvelous lighting design creates an atmosphere of creepy anxiety, and it soon becomes clear that this is less an apartment building and more an insane asylum”
– John Del Signore, Gothamist
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“Impressively ambitious, inventive, and creative.”
– Adam Feldman, Time Out New York
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“The Woodshed Collective has amazingly transformed the innards of the vast West-Park Presbyterian Church into a sprawling Parisian apartment complex, complete with a bar, courtyard, wig shop and scores of sumptuously designed apartments.”
– Rachel Merrill Moss,
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Photography | Blair Getz Mezibov

Created and Produced by Woodshed Collective

Written by Steven Levenson, Tommy Smith,
Dylan Dawson, Sarah Burgess,
Paul Cohen, and Bekah Brunstetter
Inspired by Roland Topor’s Novella

Directed by Teddy Bergman & Stephen Brackett
Production Dramaturgy by Stephen Squibb

West-Park Presbyterian Church and Parish House, 86th and Amsterdam Avenue, New York City

Opening Night: August 24, 2011

Lighting Designer | Carl Faber
Production Designer | Gabriel Hainer Evansohn
Costume Designer | Jessica Pabst
Sound Designer | Brandon Wolcott
Composers | Duncan Sheik & David Van Tieghem
Video Designers | Alex Koch, Josh Higgason, Kate Freer, & David Tennet